Our induction training program is focused on giving you a detailed understanding of the features and benefits of our products and how to confidently measure and install our window blinds, curtains and plantation shutters.

We also cover all the technical aspects of our products. This will all be done in-house and with a hands-on approach. You will be trained by an existing Blindtex employee and gain real first-hand training. This will enable you to get an understanding of the business and also the confidence that you can and do understand the product and needs of your customer.

Initial Training

At Blindtex we want to make sure you are fully prepared, experienced and feel confident to run your own Blindtex franchise

We offer 1-month installation training and 2 weeks of sales training.

This course will cover everything from using our online system to upselling your blindtex products.

We are aware training may vary dependant on your existing skills and so we are flexible during this period.

Ongoing support…

You will receive ongoing support form Blindtex as you continue your journey, this may be on new products or managing a larger team of personnel. You will have an extended business model and expert advice at your beck and call.


Blindtex has a shared google drive with every blindtex employee contributing, giving you specification, training video’s, fitting instructions and much more! New franchisee’s and existing read it regularly during the initial stages and refer to it often as their businesses grow.

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